About Us

MP3 Audiobook Classics produces and publishes audiobooks. We focus on classic works in the public domain that have stood the test of time and continue to be popular as indicated by tallies of monthly sales in both physical and digital form. Our titles are available in the MP3 audio format in order to be able to provide the audio for a book on a single disc in most cases. Our primary objective is to make audiobooks affordable so that more people can begin to enjoy the experience of listening to audiobooks and that experienced audiobook listeners can afford to buy titles instead of borrowing from the library.

Our collection is selected according to a mix of considerations. In it you will find titles that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Books that you read a long time ago and would like read again.
  • Books that you always wanted to read but never got around to.
  • Books that you pretended that you read but you really didn't.
  • Books that have a renewed public interest due to a movie, a TV series, a new translation, or some other factor.
  • Books that are important, foundational works in their time period or genre.
  • Books that are simply and truly one of a kind.
  • Books that are "connoisseur classics" that deserve wider recognition.
  • Books that we just really like a lot.

If you crave a title that you don't find in our catalog, let us know. It may well be in the works or it should be.